In today’s economy, most business loans are obtained through alternative financing. This means that it’s now easier than ever for businesses to be approved.

Our business can make it so easy for you to secure a small business loan based on your business strengths. Did you know that less than 2% of business loans come from conventional banks?

With Porter Financial Consultants, you can get access to over 2,000 lenders to ensure that you secure the money your business needs at the best terms.

We provide you with over 30 funding programs. This means that you can get more money than you’ll ever need with just one source. Most businesses struggle because they don’t know where to look and sometimes, when they find where to look, they usually don’t the much options to look from. We have taken care of that problem for you.

Rates are usually one of the main reasons business owners accept a business loan or turn it down. We can get you rates as low as 2% using our collateral-based loan programs, you get the lowest interest rates available with business financing.

Traditional lenders are usually not able to provide fast closings for the time allocated for the business owner to secure funds in order to pursue a business deal for their business. With us, you can get your money in as little as 72 hours. Our fast funding program helps you get money in your bank account in 3 days or less.

Do you have poor credit? No problem! If your business has cash flow of $10,000 or more monthly OR collateral, you can get approved for business financing even with poor personal credit issues.

We have programs with application that require “No-doc” to fund. Even if you have no cash flow or collateral, if you have good personal credit you can still qualify for our no-doc funding program especially if you are a startup and have no tax returns.

We help you build your business credit, even if you can’t qualify now for a business loan elsewhere like you bank, for example, you can still get business credit for your company right away.

To mix cinnamon with honey, you get access to your own certified finance officers who assist you in creating your very own business blueprint. You will have your own finance expert who works with you to get you the most funding, and at the best terms too.

We’d also like to introduce you to our Business Finance Suite, which is the most comprehensive funding solution in the world today. Through the finance suite, there are three major benefits you will receive for your business.

  1. Business Credibility - We reveal the lending secret formula and help ensure your business is setup credibly to radically increase your chances of approval.

  2. Underwriting Guidelines - we pre-qualify you through our unique Financing Approval Engine that cross-checks your information with underwriting guidelines for thousands of lenders which gives you the best chance of being approved for cash funding.

  3. Business Credit Builder - We help you build a business credit score and profile for your business, so you can be approved for even more credit in your business name which requires no personal credit check or guarantee.

With the Business Finance Suite, you can easily build business credit and get approved for business funding. It’s never been so easy for business owners to easily secure funding for their business.

When was the last time you got access to the largest database of lending sources, vendor and revolving business credit sources anywhere else? It’s all in the finance suite waiting for you to get access to.

Get approved for cash funding especially as a startup business with poor personal credit history. You will get approved for net 30 accounts to help you build business credit.

You will get access to revolving business credit accounts with no personal credit check or guarantee through sources like Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Apple etc. with a fast cash funding of 60 days or less.

The Business Finance Suite will even help you secure Business Credit cards with no personal guarantee through Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover, plus you’ll receive FREE access to an Experian Smart Business Monitoring data (i.e. $597+ value) with a FREE DUNS Number and D & B profile activation system (i.e. $795+ value).Speak with one of our highly experienced professionals today for assistance on getting your Finance Suite and securing funds for your business.

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Build your business credit through our industry leading step-by-step business credit building platform the Business Finance Suite.