We’ve heard many companies come to us about the frustration of securing funds for their business and some of these are medium-sized companies. Even successful businesses need short-term funding to do even better. It’s even more annoying when they seem to have got the so-called “security” to secure the funds.

Without the shadow of a doubt, most business owners have had issues with traditional funding at some point in their careers especially when it comes to raising funds initially for their business or cash flow to operate. Business owners will have to overcome the hurdles of applying for a loan or account overdraft sooner or later.

Nevertheless, there are stringent requirements within traditional banks that cannot be overlooked since the beginning of the banking age.

It is like a dark mist that overlays over the region, which prevents them from seeing beyond the actuality of things.

If it ever clears up, then there may be insight as to the fuller picture and potential of a business owner who may possibly experience some very little restrictive practices of the securing funding. We think we all know it could possibly take years before that happens, if it ever does.

Meanwhile, as we are a business funding source, like ourselves, we have become increasingly popular, because small businesses turn to us for much needed cash through business credit.

And, we are now becoming the “go-to” funding source for a growing number of business. This is because of our great deal of understanding in the marketplace about getting business owners funded via alternative methods.

The shame that used to be associated with invoice factoring, for instance, has reduced drastically as most business owners now realize that it does not make sense for their clients to hold on to their money, while in-between credit terms, and squeeze them of their business’ operating cash flow, which they most likely need to grow and expand their business.

In addition to this, the fast pace nature of today’s moving world compels even some banks to move quickly, especially when it comes to closing deals to keep the business owners afloat.

The beauty of doing business with Porter Financial Consultants is that we create packages that are effective for a business funding deal within just a few days. As a matter of fact, as soon as everything is put in place, the business owner receives the funds in their business’ account within 3 business days or less in cases of cash advances.

Needless to say, that traditional lenders are not well-known for this type of quick turnaround closing times due to the stringent decision making from their investors. This causes many funding deals to be sanctioned in a few weeks, by which time it is could be too late.

Although we are relatively new to Philadelphia, Porter Financial Consultants office is built on solid fundamentals.

The company was started in PA in 2014 by our enormously experienced founder, Christopher Porter, who spotted the breach in the marketplace for small business owners.

Ever since, we have been able to attract some of the most respectable, versatile and experienced professionals to join the crew. We have partnered and funded over 50+ businesses successfully, as you can see on the funding area on our website.

As grace will have it, our company is growing quickly, and continues to help other businesses become successful as they function in an improved way than they did at in the start i.e. to provide an exceedingly receptive service to businesses of all scopes.

As soon as a business connects with us, they are placed with a Finance officer who understands their business objectives and takes over responsibility for helping to acquire funds for their business.

We also work to help them secure vendor credit and tradelines in order to organize a series of trends to secure financing quickly, easily and legitimately.

Every client is seen uniquely because we do all we can to give them access to direct funding through the right programs, for the right rates and terms. As soon as a quick decision is made, the funding process move forwards quickly with confidence to get the business owners as fast as possible.

It’s not just our affiliates that have been impressed with our approach, but our clients as well.

With such high demand for business funding, invoice factoring and other aspects of funding require more alternative sources of securing funds since the traditional lending institutions are so heavily regulated and can’t afford the leniency most business owners require.

In review, Porter Financial Consultants could help you establish Business Credit with a $50,000 Funding Guarantee for your Business as we work with you for FREE until you secure the funds you need.

According to NerdWallet, the Federal Reserve Banks of New York, Atlanta, Cleveland and Philadelphia say that about 45% of small-business loan borrowers who are turned down or told “No” by traditional lenders are usually because of their credit scores. Why not build Business Credit?

If you are looking for business finance up to $8 million+ quickly? Please don’t hesitate to speak to a one of our professionals here at Porter Financial Consultants. We could be THE Easy Alternative your business because making your business dream come true is what we do!

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